We extended an invitation to Rod Wheelans and Gordon Jenkins from the PAGB to attend and observe our Wigan Weekender Session Days Event last October which was held at Leigh Spinners Mill near Wigan. We were delighted when they accepted with a view to debunking the myth that photography workshops are largely opportunities for photographers to simply click their shutter buttons when lights and sets are prepared for them by event organisers. This week, the PAGB has published an article that expands upon their observation of our event and also explains some of the anomalies of exhibition acceptance and the criteria used by judging panels. You can find the full article by clicking on this link and then navigating to pages 10 and 11 in the document. We want to extend a big thank you to Rod and Gordon for their endorsement of what we are trying to do and also to the PAGB for their efforts to help photographers to attain accreditation at C,D and M levels. For more information about the PAGB, please follow this link.

As you should be aware, Session Days is all about the craft and imagination of the photographer to make the best use of a set in a location with a model, using either flash lighting or natural light to create a portrait image that works for them. With imaginative and skilful post processing, a good many photographers have gone on to submit images in club competitions, UK and International Salons, and use them in successful PAGB submissions at C, D and M levels.  Hearing about successes and seeing some of the wonderful work produced by our customers is what spurs us on to organise more events.

Portraiture is one of those genres in photography that is a challenge on both sides of the camera. For the photographer, it is all about capturing the personality of the subject in an image using the prevailing ambient or studio light. Whether the portrait has an environmental feel to it or an aesthetic styling provided by costume or appearance, it is about capturing the moment for highest impact with the eventual viewer.  Session Days events provide the right combination of ingredients to enable the photographer to capture the perfect image by using models/performers/actors on the other side of the camera that have the experience and aptitude for this type of photography. Every time an event is announced you can be sure that the selection of models has been very carefully planned to maximise the opportunities for winning portraiture images. For a selection of some notable successes, please follow this link to our spotlight page.