The model release is an important part of our process in securing the services of any model or performer on a Session Days Event. The significant and combined knowledge that we have gained on both sides of the camera has taught us that you need to be protected as far as usage of images is concerned and that we, as a responsible entity, are duty bound to ensure that releases are in place.

Why is a Model Release Important?

From the very outset, we resolved to always pay our models to work for us. We don’t ask any model to work for us for free on an event. If we contract a model to work for us then we would expect to pay them well, fairly and in a timely manner that reflects their effort, experience and style/look. We have acquired a reputation for being responsible Event Organisers, and indeed this has led to us being approached directly by models to feature on events.

Why does a Model Release mean for me as a Photographer on an Event?

We always insist that a model release is signed by each model before each event lineup is announced, and we now do this online and many months before the event so that we can replace a model if a release agreement is not forthcoming. With a model release in place you, as the photographer, then have the sole usage rights for any images that you take, process, print, sell or exhibit. You should feel safe in the knowledge that the images belong to you with absolute copyright to do with as you so wish.

What does a Model Release mean to the Model?

Our model release also requires each model/performer to agree that should they wish to share or use any images then they must credit you as the photographer. We police this as much as possible and from time to time we do have to issue reminders. We retain all copies of model releases for our records.

What about Social Media Etiquette?

Our requests to see your images on our social media group are always at your discretion and any that we onwardly feature are always fully credited to you as the photographer. As each image is the property of the photographer, you should feel under no obligation to post or send images anywhere unless you wish to do so under your terms.

Should you have any concerns about your rights to use any image taken on a Session Days Event or you wish to seek further clarification, then simply contact us and we would be only too pleased to help.