Session Days recently caught up with Sharon Prenton Jones, FIPF, ARPS, DPAGB, BPE5*, EFIAP/g for a quick interview and chat and used the opportunity to gain an insight into her extraordinary journey into photography. She is an inspiration to so many photographers who admire her work and to so many women who are setting out on similar journeys.

Here is what we discussed

SD : What/Who inspires you in the Photographic world?

SPJ : I picked up a camera for the first time in 2012 and hadn’t really studied any photography or photographers.  To be honest, I’m not big on the photography world and like lots of different images from lots of different people.  Who inspires me? – anyone and everyone that is having fun with their camera. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Hasselblad or a mobile phone.

If I had to name anyone it would be Terry Donnelly, who started me on my processing journey when I attended a Workshop in 2013.

SD :What kit is in your camera bag?

SPJ :I have had the Sony A7Riii for about 18 months now and love it. I have three lenses: 16-35mm, 85mm and 55mm (which is the one on the camera nearly all the time).

SD : What is your next goal in photography?

SPJ : Not sure I really have goals, I just have fun and love the whole process of taking and creating images.  I don’t see the point of not using images in some way which is why I enter National and International Salons: don’t leave your lovely images on a hard-drive – use them.

SD : What advice would you give to someone aiming to start on the accreditation ladder?

SPJ : Chat to someone that has been on the journey.  It is addictive, challenging but fun.  It will help your photography and your humility.  Don’t be precious about your images, they will not be every judge’s cup of tea. 

SD : Which image of your own is your absolute favourite and why?

SPJ : That’s a difficult question as I’m a bit of a butterfly and probably like the image I have just finished until the next one comes along.  But if I had to make a choice it would be Afriel featuring Faith Breese.  Faith managed to capture the perfect expression to portray the idea of the angel of youth; innocence, beauty and timelessness


Afriel by Sharon Prenton-Jones