Image of the Month

We see so many excellent images posted every month from our location events and studio based classes. Many images achieve success in local competitions, and all of the major photography accreditation bodies, nationally and internationally (PAGB, FIAP, BPE, RPS).

From January 2022, we decided to select or favourite image posted within each month and award it ‘Image of the Month’ status at Session Days.


We select our favourite images posted in each month of activity on our facebook page and after deliberation we select a winner.

Image of the Month Set 2023

SEPT 2023

Photographer : George Robertson
Model : RJ Malemodel
Event : Vintage Travel
We say :
A superb image with great colours, depth of field and great use of the reflection.

Image of the Month August 2023


Photographer : Carol Watson
Model : Dave Chappel
Event : Bygone Days
We say :
A superb composite and b/w conversion, with an intriguing story.

Gordon Watson

JULY 2023

Photographer : Gordon Watson
Model : O’Brian Broomfield & Lauren Scott
Event : Walton Hall
We say :
A very accomplished image, adding atmosphere and drama with the clever implementation of light shaft and shadows.

Image of the Month June 23

JUNE 2023

Photographer : Adrian Lines
Model : Pip the Gentleman
Event : Wild West
We say :
An excellent image, beautifully crafted and presented highlighting Pip as the main centre of interest and using background ambience and an additional character to enhance the story.

Image of the Month May 23

MAY 2023

Photographer : Carolyn Whetton
Model : Sarah Angel
Event : Elvis v Diana Ross
We say :
Great positioning of the microphone, moody and dramatic. A very authentic looking image.

Image of the Month Apr 2023 by Robert Turley

APRIL 2023

Photographer : Robert Turley
Model : G Brodie
Event : Childcatcher v Mad Hatter
We say :
A very atmospheric, cinematic image – dark and moody but with detail in the blacks and great colour toning..

Image of the Month Mar 2023 by Iain Jack

MARCH 2023

Photographer : Iain Jack
Model : Natasha Bella
Event : Sirens 2
We say :
An exceptional black and white portrait using the natural light in the conservatory on our Sirens event at 1881 Provenance Place, near Blackpool. Iain has captured the essential beauty and elegance of Natasha in a perfect pose.

Image of the Month Feb 2023 by Paula Potter


Photographer : Paula Potter
Model : Leon Richardson
Event : Creative Noir
We say :
A great monochrome conversion on a well captured image of a relaxed looking Leon.

Image of the Month Jan 23


Photographer : Gordon Watson
Model : Betsy Rose
Event : Bygone Times
We say :
A stunning image of Betsy Rose with added spotlight and smoke to give it a true jazz club feel. Beautiful monochrome edit, with excellent handling of the white feathers.

Image of the Month Nov 22


Photographer : Peter Braddock
Model : Elle Baldwinson
Event : Sirens
We say :
A lovely, sensual image of Elle reclining on the stairs, using the curve of the staircase and the boho lights for framing. The black and white edit enhances the value of the dress in the image. Well done, Peter.

Image of the Month Oct 22


Photographer : Jay Hallsworth
Model : Dave Chappell
Event : House of Horrors
We say :
A perfectly captured image of Frankenstein’s monster making great use of the smoke machine. Great composition and great edit.

Image of the Month Sep 22


Photographer : Toby Gunnee
Model : Sally Richardson
Event : Wild West
We say :
Great composition on this image, making superb use of the environment and natural light. Well done Toby!

Image of the Month Aug 22


Photographer : Alan Bromiley
Model : Jessica Saffron
Event : Portrait Masterclass
We say :
We love how Alan has added his own twist and ideas to this shoot. He has stepped away from just a beauty image and really created a story.

Image of the Month Jul 22

JULY 2022

Photographer : Haider Chishty
Model : Betsy Rose
Event : Bygone Times
We say :
This is an excellent example of first class bw processing in which details in the blacks and whites have been retained for effect. The shapes and textures of the feathers adds to the foreground composition and background highlights. Add to that an exquisite pose by Betsy and you have a clear winning shot. Well done Haider.

Image of the Month Jun 22

JUNE 2022

Photographer : Dave Jones
Model : Jack Cutler
Event : Chaplin
We say :
A beautiful black and white conversion of this Chaplin image. Great composition and angles with superb modelling as always from Jack.

Image of the Month May 22

MAY 2022

Photographer : Kevin Pack
Model : Steve Ironside
Event : Extravaganza
We say :
Outstanding image of Batman from Arkham Knight taken and edited in cinematic style by Kevin Pack. A WOW image when first seen.

Image of the Month Apr 22

APRIL 2022

Photographer : Carol Watson
Model : Cat Mida Lee
Event : Creative Fine Art
We say :
A beautifully edited image of Cat, taken on our Fine Art workshop. Lovely tones and great use of props.

Image of the Month Mar 22

MARCH 2022

Photographer : Nigel Wells
Model : Karl Selickis
Event : Portrait Masterclass
We say :
A superb image with carefully balanced light. We love the various textures throughout the image. Great editing and black/white conversion. An image that tells a story. Well done Nigel!

Image of the Month Feb 22


Photographer : Robin Price
Model : Kiefer Rusowicz
Event : The Witcher
We say :
“This image has everything going for it. Sharp detail, imaginative composition by placing the cross of the sword to frame the head, excellent bw conversion and blended very well with a background that matches the subject. A worthy winner.”

Image of the Month Jan 22


Photographer : Andrew Fairclough
Model : Ivory Flame
Event : Ivory Flame v Retro Rob
We say :
“Ivory Flame was exceptional during our recent event weekend and provided everyone with an opportunity to get quality portraits. In this image, Andrew has produced an image of real quality, combining natural light and a softness in processing to enhance Ivory’s natural beauty. We were particularly impressed with Andrew’s skin editing skills.”


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