We love seeing the images produced by photographers that have attended our events. There are so many images of high quality that we often struggle to choose a favourite to post on to our social media feeds. Here is a selection of images that demonstrate good use of natural light and off camera flash and good composition skills. 


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Lauren Howell by Sue Trout

Models : Lauren Howell

Photographer : Sue Trout

Camera Club : Doncaster CC

Event : Portrait Masterclass

Dean Gregory by Sophie Woof

Model : Dean Gregory

Photographer : Sophie Woof

Camera Club : Morecambe CC

Event : Portrait Masterclass

Gabby Monet by Andy Hopwood

Model : Gabby Monet

Photographer : Andy Hopwood

Camera Club : N/A

Event : Gawsworth Hall

Zack Pinsent by Paul Campbell

Model : Zack Pinsent

Photographer : Paul Campbell

Camera Club : Huddersfiled PIC

Event : Gawsworth Hall

I’ve attended eight of the Session Days now and every one of them has been great fun to take part in, with excellent organisation by Emma & Graham, a great variety of quality models in great locations and with fantastic opportunities to take quality images. My portraiture skills have improved considerably with Emma & Graham’s support and with being able to mix and swap ideas with other like minded photographers. And if you want opportunities to produce excellent competition standard entries then look no further. I can’t recommend these days highly enough.

John KIng, South Manchester CC

Jason Kent by Janet Taylor

Model : Jason Kent

Photographer : Janet Taylor

Camera Club : Morecambe PS

Event : Hack Green

Blossom by Jo Thornhill

Model : Blossom & Buttercups

Photographer : Jo Thornhill

Camera Club : N/A

Event : Atlas Mill

Dean Turner by Tim McAndrew

Model : Dean Turner

Photographer : Tim McAndrdew

Camera Club : Stockport PS

Event : St George’s Church

Sara MacQueen by Sue Hartley

Model : Sara MacQueen

Photographer : Sue Hartley

Camera Club : Nottingham PS

Event : Atlas Mill

I had the privilege of working with the Session Days team as a model in a fantastic location in the northwest. I’ve been modelling for 12 years and have worked all over the world, and it has to be said that this team is among the absolute best when it comes to putting on incredible photographic events.

Communication with the models was first class, as were all the logistics involved in planning and putting on the event. On the day we were very well looked after, with our own dedicated area for changing and keeping our kit safe, and we were also kept fed and watered all day! It was a very hot day and the water was constantly supplied, and the cake at midday was a sheer joy.

The delegates who attend these sessions range from relative newcomer to experienced photographer, but all share a passion for getting great images and treat the models with consideration and respect – and model safety and welfare is something that is closely monitored by the team.

In all I can’t recommend Session Days events highly enough. Everybody who attended went home with smiles on their faces and we all got home to a Group page filled with great images from the day. I can’t wait to do it all over again!

James Artaius

Bethany Cammack by Neil Sumner

Models : Bethany Cammack

Photographer : Neil Sumner

Camera Club : S Manchester CC

Event : Atlas Mill

Mark Upton by David Upton

Model : Mark Upton

Photographer : David Upton

Camera Club : S Manchester CC

Event : Gawsworth Hall

Jack Cutler by John Nightingale

Model : Jack Cutler

Photographer : John Nightingale

Camera Club : S Manchester CC

Event : Atlas Mill

Chanel Rouge by Gayle Bevan

Model : Chanel Rouge

Photographer : Gayle Bevan

Camera Club : N/A

Event : Portrait Masterclass

Nicola by Irene Lea

Models : Nicola Jane Hamlett

Photographer : Irene Lea

Camera Club : Congleton CC

Event : Portrait Masterclass

Plamen Prokoviev by Robin Price

Model : Plamen Prokoviev

Photographer : Robin Price

Camera Club : Chorley PS

Event : Atlas Mill

Matthew Howarth by Gayle Bevan

Model : Matthew Howarth

Photographer : Gayle Bevan

Camera Club : N/A

Event : Hack Green

Claire Pritchard by Janice Barton

Model : Claire Pritchard

Photographer : Janice Barton

Camera Club : Warrington CC

Event : Hack Green

Pete Nata by Anthony Bower

Models : Pete Nata

Photographer : Tony Bower

Camera Club : Stockport PS

Event : Hack Green

Marie Jean Taylor by Kevin Pack

Model : Marie Jean Taylor

Photographer : Kevin Pack

Camera Club : N/A

Event : Hack Green

Brian McGowan by Phil Barber

Model : Brian McGowan

Photographer : Phil Barber

Camera Club : Wigan 10

Event : Hack Green

Simone Claire Stocks by Lee Sutton

Model : Simone Claire Stocks

Photographer : Lee Sutton

Camera Club : Chorley PS

Event : Hack Green


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What a Wigan Weekender That Was

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