Urbex location and dark fantasy come together in this post halloween event. Set in a former Belgian Ambassador’s residence just off the curry mile in Manchester, and beset with graffiti walls, grand staircase, large rooms and visible signs of decay, we have chosen six models to give the place a dark and spooky edge.

Our lineup includes the fabulous Talli Lyndsay making a second appearance for us, Jack Cutler returning as the kilted Mad Hatter, Warhammer, Maureen Davenport, the fabulous Annabelle Stanyer, and a Skeleton Prince appearing for the very first time.

Parktannas Retro Yard Session Day



This event is being held on Saturday 23rd November 2019. Morning slots start at 9:25 AM and finish at 12:45 PM and afternoon slots start at 14:00 PM and finish at 17:20 PM .


Antwerp Mansion is just off the curry mile in Manchester. It has an urbex appeal with visible signs of decay and dilapidation in a former grand setting. In a nutshell, it is a perfect backdrop for portrait photography.


The event features six models split across the site and there are eighteen places for photographers in the morning and another eighteen places for photographers in the afternoon .


The price to attend this event per photographer is :



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Antwerp Mansion is a sprawling Victorian gothic house on the outskirts of Manchester. Having spent almost 10 years as one of Manchester’s most popular nightclubs, it was time to move with the times and switch things up a bit. It now provides an inspiring and flexible location for photography or filming, for paranormal investigations, and for theatrical productions or art exhibitions.

Session Days has exclusive use of the mansion for this dark fantasy inspired event. There is parking on site for a limited number of vehicles and the interior of the mansion is heated for some comfort in the winter chill of November.

We have a first class lineup to suit our theme.




Parktannas Retro Yard Session Day
Parktannas Retro Yard Session Day
Parktannas Retro Yard Session Day
Parktannas Retro Yard Session Day


Jack Cutler as Mad Hatter

Jack Cutler

As one of the most versatile models around, Jack is adept at Johnny Depp characterisation and his portayal of the Mad Hatter is one of his most sought after roles.

We are delighted to have him back to appear for us on this dark fantasy event replete in kilt.

G Brodie as Skeleton Prince

G Brodie

Our very own Graham Currey is launching a new character for us at Antwerp Mansion. The Skeleton Prince is dark and menacing and suits the venue perfectly with its graffiti walls and outside areas which are both colourful and varied.

Grum Foss as Warhammer

Grum Foss

Grum is a supreme cosplayer and makes his own costumes. Inspired by the Warhammer character, he will be providing us with a military style alt look which once again fits the venue. In the outside space there is a tank which will also enhance the characteisation.

Talli Lindsey

Talli Lindsey

With over 8 years of experience this unique & unconventional model provides an artistic approach to modelling work. Talli exudes body confidence and requires very little direction, possessing a strong posing skill set. With a history in performing for music, fashion and artistic video projects as well as taking part in live shows, she brings character and expression into any project and is appearing for us for the second time this year.

Maureen Davenport

Maureen Davenport

Maureen is a professional model and has appeared for us before on our Portrait Masterclasses. She has a striking look and unique style and will be sporting eye makeup to suit the location.

Il Gattopardo

Annabelle Stanyer

Annabelle is an experienced cosplayer with a unique look. Able to do her own makeup in a variety of styles she is a great addition to our lineup. Annabelle is a member of Monster Cirque and a unique performer.


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