FRIDAY 23rd JULY 2021

Session Days launches it’s new Classics series with a nod to two iconic characters from the movies. Featuring Molly Rose as Harley Quinn and G Brodie as Joker, we will be combining classical portraiture in studio with on location sets in and around the mill in Manchester, giving you the opportunity to take and make some great images for your portfolio.

Joker v Harley Session Days Classics



This event is being held on Friday 23rd July 2021. Morning slots start at 9:15 AM and finish at 13:00 PM and afternoon slots start at 14:00 PM and finish at 17:45 PM .


This event will take place at AWOL Studios in Manchester where we will be using two separate studios and the Mill space for a combination of portraiture and characters in action sequences.


The event features two professional character models and there are ten places for photographers in the morning and another ten places for photographers in the afternoon. Attendees will work in groups of five with each model in turn for approximately one and half hours.


The price to attend this event per photographer is :


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Molly Rose as Harley Quinn


Molly Rose is a supreme Cosplayer and actress with an incredible attention to detail when portraying characters. She will be posing for portraits in studio and performing as Harley Quinn in and around the Mill space.

G Brodie as Joker


G Brodie is a professional Character model and is launching his take on Arthur Fleck/Joker 2019 for the first time for this event. There will be an opportunity to photograph the character in studio and in action around the mill.



This event is an opportunity for you as photographer to work closely with each model. You will be working with the Joker in a group of five photographers for an hour and a half both in studio and around the mill before then swapping over to work with Harley under similar circumstances. We will be using two studio spaces in the mill for classic portraiture and then around the mill for action and more dynamic poses.


Lighting equipment will be provided in each studio for use during both sets. The use of equipment is included within your admission price. On each set we will be designing a lighting setup to suit the character. Lights will either be continuous lights or studio/strobe lighting with triggers and modifiers for your use. If you require assistance using the lights provided then we will be on hand to provide expertise.


We are a COVID-19 responsible organisation and will be taking and making all necessary arrangements to observe guidelines and to ensure safety wherever possible. All attendees will be required to bring their own masks and to wear them at all times. The only people not wearing masks will be the models.

There will be hand sanitisers on each set for your usage and anti-bacterial wipes will be required when handing over triggers for lights. You will be required to maintain safe distancing guidelines at all times and you will not be able to handle props on any set.

There will be no refreshment facilities for tea/coffee provided on the event, you must bring your own for safety reasons.


We want to keep you up to date with what we are planning and also to get your feedback and comments. Take a look at our blog posts.

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