A splash of colour goes a long way and can also add impact to your images. Join us on a Colour Creative class as we demonstrate the use of lighting techniques to brighten up your creative images.

Colour Creative Session Day
Colour Creative Session Day

Image taken by Tim McAndrew on our Colour Creative Class held on Saturday 26th June 2021

Colour Creative Session Day

Image taken by Les Wiggin on our Colour Creative Class held on Saturday 26th June 2021.

Colour can add dramatic impact to an image. Our colour creative classes aim to do just that by adding in lighting and key elements on set to elevate the look and feel of an image. Split across two studio locations at our Session Days HQ, these colour creative classes will feature two professional models with ‘the look’ required for this genre of photography. We will be demonstrating lighting techniques and styling for each of the following sets:

  • Lighting with gels
  • Colour light shaping with GOBOs
  • Adding colour to backgrounds
  • Creating silhouettes on colour backgrounds
  • Creating a colour scene

We are sure you will want to join us on this class to learn just how some simple techniques can be employed to lift the quality of image that you can create. Register your place by completing our form below.


Available Colour Classes

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